Steps to Keep Your HVAC or Air Conditioning System Running

Air Conditioning

Keeping you air conditioning unit in good repair

In June, the National Weather Service predicted that the Northeast US, and New England in particular, were in for a hotter than normal Summer season. So far they’re right, the weather is getting hotter. This would not be the time to have your HVAC or air conditioning unit break down.

What steps can you take to make sure your air conditioning system keeps you cool all summer.

  1. Change your filters

This should be done when prepare your system for use in the spring and every 3 months that it’s in use.  Your system can’t run effectively if the filters are old, clogged or dusty. It will keep you healthier too if your air conditioner pushes cleaner, cool air out to your living space.

  1. Keep the coils clean

The coils in your air conditioner help refrigerant to absorb heat and cool your home, a vital component of your air conditioning system. Over time, the coils become encased in dust and dirt, reducing the amount of heat they can absorb. This makes it harder for your air conditioning unit to cool your home, increasing energy usage and reducing efficiency.

To avoid the unnecessary burden on your system, keep the area around your system clean. You start by making sure the area is free of debris. Use a cleaning agent, available at Home Depot, Lowes and other hardware stores, stray the front coils to remove the dirt, dust and other foreign particles from the coils. Be sure to keep the cleaning agent off the other parts of the air conditioning unit.

  1. Examine the Condensate drain

The condensate drain allows condensation created by your air conditioning unit to drain outdoors. Over time, the drain becomes clogged which can hamper drainage. If you notice the condensation isn’t draining properly, call a professional. If you live in the South Metro Boston area, call us. We can help.

  1. Check the fins

Every air conditioner comes with an evaporator and a condenser. Both dome with fins. After a while, the fins become bent which causes inefficient air flow. When this happens, you can purchase a fin comb to straighten the fins and fix the problem yourself. A better solution is to have a professional do this for you.

If your air conditioner isn’t keeping you cool in the South Boston Metro area, call us. We’re HVAC and air conditioning experts.