Signs You Need a New Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning InstallationDoes your air conditioning need repairing? Are you starting to think that it might be cheaper just to buy a new air conditioning system?

If your air conditioning is not working as well, you may be wondering whether it’s worth investing in a new air conditioning installation.

But how long do air conditioners last and when should they be replaced?  What are the signs that you need a new air conditioning installation?


Signs You Need to Replace your Air Conditioning

1. Your Air Conditioning is Expensive to Run

Is your air conditioning unit costing a lot of money to run?  If you have an old air conditioning system it could be costing you more money, increasing your energy bills.   Check your energy bills over the past few summers to determine just how much your air conditioning is costing you to run.  If it is costing too much or more than usual, it could be time to schedule a replacement.

2. Your Air Conditioning Unit is Over 10 Years Old

The typical air conditioning system will last between 10-15 years. If your unit is between this age or older, it may be time to arrange a new installation.

Depending on how much maintenance your A/C has received, it may need replacing sooner rather than later.  If it has had a long service history, you can expect it to run for 15 years or more!

Little or no maintenance can have a big affect on how soon your air conditioning needs replacing.

3. Your A/C Frequently Needs Repair

If your air conditioning is in constant need of repair, it’s probably time to schedule an upgrade to a newer, more efficient model.

4. Your Air Conditioning is Not as Effective Anymore

Is your air conditioning not as cool as it used to be?  Despite past repairs?  It could be time to install a more reliable air conditioner!


Air Conditioning Replacement in Boston, MA

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