Signs You May Need Water Heater Maintenance

Replacing a water heater can be expensive and allowing a water heater to break down completely can leave you without hot water for some time.

By keeping on top of regular water heater maintenance, you can keep your heater running for longer and prevent more expensive repairs, or replacement in future.

But what are the signs you might need a water heater repair or maintenance?  How often does your water heater need maintaining?

Signs You Need Water Heater Maintenance

Water Heater Maintenance in Boston, MAYour water Not as Hot as Usual

Is your water heater not producing water as hot as it used to?  This could be a sign that your top element needs replacing, which is generally a simple fix.

Your Water is Rusty

If you notice rusty or cloudy water when you turn your hot water on, you probably have a build up of sediment in your heater.  Beyond causing dirty water, sediment can cause your heater to work harder, limit available space and reduce its lifespan if left.  If you notice rusty or cloudy water, don’t hesitate in scheduling a water heater repair and service.

Your Hot Water Runs out Quickly

Another common problem is hot water running out more quickly than normal.  This can be caused by a faulty thermostat or simply because it is set too low.  If the thermostat isn’t the cause of the problem you could have a build up of sediment within your tank.

Your Hot Water Heater Makes Noises

Is your hot water tank making strange noises?  You might notice a knocking, banging or similar noise.  This can be due to sediment burning on the heating element, or the heater exceeding its recommended voltage.


Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your water heater running at its best for longer.  If you notice and of these problems, don’t hesitate in scheduling a repair from your Boston HVAC specialists.


Water Heater Repair Services in Boston, MA

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