Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

As the temperature continues to rise, more and more of us will start to rely on our air conditioning to keep us cool.  On a hot summers day no one wants to be stuck without working air conditioning.  Knowing the warning signs will help to keep you a/c unit working and keep you cool all summer long.

Fixing problems when they first arise is often the best way to prevent more serious problems, and a more expensive replacement.

What are the signs you need air conditioning repair?

Poor Air Flow

Are you finding that your air conditioning vents aren’t producing much air flow?  If you experience low air flow it’s often a sign that your unit’s compressor is about to fail.  Don’t settle for pool air flow, call an air conditioning professional!

Air is Not as Cool as Normal

Over time your air conditioning unit may start to lose performance, if this happens it may mean that the air simply isn’t as cool as usual, regardless of how high the a/c is turned up.  If your air conditioning isn’t as cold as usual, or not cold at all, it’s time to schedule an air conditioning repair!

Strange Noises

A common sign that your air conditioning is about to fail is if it starts to make strange noises.  This might be a grinding, grating or squealing noise, either way it’s an indication that you need to get it repaired.  If you ignore an air conditioning unit that’s making strange noises you may be looking at a more expensive repair further down the line.

Excessive Moisure

If you notice moisture or pools of water around your a/c unit you need to call a repair specialist as soon as possible.  Water leaking from your unit can be a sign that you have a blocked or broken drain tube, don’t delay in scheduling an air conditioning repair as soon as you notice a problem.


Air Conditioning Repair in Boston, MA

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