How to Upgrade from Oil to Gas In MA

Converting your heating from oil to gas in MA can seem intimidating. The North East has historically been an oil dominant area; besides the fact that upgrading your heating source is not a simple home improvement job.

Despite the fact that Massachusetts are among the biggest users of oil heating in the US, you should not feel put off by making the upgrade. Gas is becoming increasingly popular, more affordable and convenient than oil. For much of the state, the infrastructure and incentives are in place to help make your switch as smooth as possible.

Gas suppliers in MA

1. Check natural gas is in your area

The first step is to check if you can get gas in your street.

You can use the Eversource website or contact your local supplier this.

Check availability for Western MA

Check availability for Eastern MA

Natural gas not in your street? Consider clubbing together with your neighbors to lobby the gas supplier to install a line there.

2. Check if you’re eligible for rebates

Before any installation work takes place, take a little time to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Sometimes gas suppliers offer rebates for new customers who upgrade from an old oil fired system. These change regularly, so it’s best to check.

3. Extend the line to your home

The next step is to speak to your local gas company about installing a pipe from the main line to your home.

  • Usually costs $1000-$1500 – sometimes waived as a new customer
  • A meter will be installed outside your home
  • Involves digging a trench from the road to house

4. Choose a gas heater

Choose the right heater for your budget, and needs. If you’re not sure speak to your local plumber or gas supplier to choose the right one for you.

5. Install the heater & house plumbing

Once you have a heater ready, your plumber can install the internal plumbing from the meter. Usually, the existing plumbing in your home can be used, which helps to keep costs down. A good plumbing company will remove the old oil heater at the same time.

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