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Boiler Repair in Easton, Brockton and the South Metro Area

Whether your boiler needs repair or you’re looking to install a new one, you can count on Quarry Hills.  Our plumbers are experienced in all kinds of boiler repair and installation including steam boilers, fire tube boilers, cast iron boilers and water tube boilers.  Not sure what type of boiler you have?  No worry, our trained technicians will fully inspect your boiler before making any repair.

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Is your boiler making strange noises? Producing a yellow flame or inadequate heating?   Boilers have been known to last for 30 years or more, but aren’t immune to problems.  With regular maintenance you’re boiler could last for years to come, avoiding a costly replacement or more expensive repair.

Have you had any of the following problems with your boiler?

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Common Boiler Problems

  • Boiler Repair Quincy MaPoor Heating – Is your heating not producing the same level of heat as normal?
  • Uneven heating–Are some radiators hotter than others? Are some not turning on?
  • Noises from your pipes or boiler – Have you noticed banging, knocking or similar noises coming from your boiler or pipes?
  • Leaks or dripping – Have you noticed any leaks coming from your pipes?
  • System turns on and off constantly – Is your boiler coming on and off unexpectedly?
  • Unexpected energy bill increase – If you notice an unexpected rise in your heating bill, don’t ignore it! Your heater could be overworking and costing you more money. Getting the problem fixed sooner will prevent more costly repairs in the future.
  • Yellow or orange flame – A working gas boiler should always present a constant blue light.  If you notice a yellow or orange flame this is a common sign that something is wrong.  A yellow flame can also indicate that carbon monoxide is being produced and should not be ignored!

These are all common problems that might require a boiler service, if you suspect a problem with your boiler contact Quarry Hills for an affordable quote.

Other areas served include Milton, Canton, Sharon, Mansfield, Foxboro, West Bridgewater, Bridgewater and Stoughton.